i want to go away, far far away.

what's up bloggers, there's 3 more days until thanksgiving and that means 2 more days of school (for me)
hey,for the ones in high school...
have you noticed freshman try really hard to act like they're soo cool?
when i was a freshman i was never like that, these freshmen seek for too much attention. now i understand why upperclassmen hate freshmen, just observing them, they can be really annoying. i'm just being honest, but it doesn't mean i don't talk to any freshmen,there's a few i can actually tolerate.generally,i'm a nice girl,i swear :]
ohhh and i can't stand it when girls glare at someone even though they didn't even say or do anything to them. (happens to me alot) and i don't talk that much in most of my classes, i'm pretty quiet. seriously,i want my life to fast forward to graduation because i'm tired of high school.

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