Gotta get bad, before it gets good.

All i really want right now is to be understood. nothing in florida seems to satisfy me,for example, the clothing stores here basically have the same things, but at least last sunday I found a cute scarf,skirt & ring at charlotte russe + a pair of Ralph Lauren shoes at Macys :P
anyway, another complaint I have is going to viera high school, the girls at my school are extremely bitchy and unconsiderate. my previous school, which was in germany, never had such arrogant and ignorant kids. I miss H&M,the simple walks to the commissary to buy pretzels and a mocha frap,the skatepark,going to fests, and I especially miss my friends in germany. The city i live in now lacks excitement and simplicity.things just need to get better soon, cause my life is so bland right now. i'm ready to turn 18 and get out of florida.

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