i'm empty, i need fulfilling.

(by the way, i didn't wear this outfit to school today, i felt like dressing up.)

my day was good, i'm looking forward to thanksgiving break though. since tomorrow is the day before break, most of my teachers told me we'll be watching a movie and were just going to relax. hopefully i can convince my 6th period teacher to let me stay in his class...most likely he'll let me skip 7th, but if that plan fails, i'll probably just go to the library. oh and it's exciting that christmas is a few weeks away, time flied by really quick. i'm glad though because it means i'm gonna be out of here in no time. even though 2011 is 3 years away, i'm just trying to be optimistic. oh and i had a weird dream last night...long story short, i was almost attacked by 3 snakes, and then this girl saved me and she took me to her house and it was made out of pillows and blankets, and we kept walking up stairs and we started to run away from something and the walls started closing in on me and as i was being smothered by pillows, my alarm went off. hmm, maybe i should look up the meaning of my dream on google :P

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