waves of joy

So today is my baby sister's birthday :]

^this picture was taken in the morning, she has 3 other gifts.
p.s. i think it's lame my parents bought her a shopping cart, if i had money i would've bought her something extravagant.

^i know it looks like she's sorta crying,but that's how she smiles,ha.

Overall,today was alright, the weather was weird though, it was extremely warm in the morning (wrong day to wear a blazer) , then it started to rain really hard,and once it stopped, it was sunny again.
Well i'm off to go eat some
spaghetti,puto (asian dessert), and cake ofcourse,mmm.

p.s. i have 2 other sisters,their twins. (just in case you were wondering)

byeee,hope everyone had a good wednesday! x

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