sunday morning.

currently, i'm procrastinating, i should be finishing my make-up work for school, and i should be studying for a test, but obviously i'd rather be blogging :P
well anyway, i woke up to my mom pounding on my door saying "get up,were going to church!"
i was surprised,we haven't been to church in awhile....exactly 6 months (my mom mentioned it) pffht,like i would keep track,ha.
i was annoyed my parents suddenly decided to go to church, and they wanted me to eat breakfast,take a shower,get ready in 30 minutes. one of my pet peeves is being rushed, i already was in a g-r-u-m-p-y mood since i didn't get enough sleep, and being rushed to get ready is something i definitely don't want when i wake-up.

so after i ate a cup of ramen noodles (roast chicken,mmm.)
i went into the shower and when i turned on the water, it was freezing! (my sisters used up all the hot water) i wasn't going to tolerate taking a shower with cold water, i just got done being sick and i think taking a shower in cold water + going out in cold weather= hello, runny nose.
i'm prone to getting sick, so with my luck, i'd catch a cold again, and i can't miss anymore school.
my mom started bitchin', saying i just didn't want to go to church and i was lying about the cold water.
i was willing to go, and to prove that to her...i found a huge pot and filled it with water, my mom thought i was going to cook something, and she freaked out when i told her i was going to boil water so i could take a shower. she was like "it's too late now, you don't want to go to church anyway,so don't bother."
*sigh* i think i'm going to relax and listen to sunday morning by maroon 5, it's also such a fun song to sing along to.

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