we used to be friends,a long time ago.

when i left germany, i was hopeful i'd keep in touch with all my friends,that even though i was moving,nothing would change...but everything did change. within the week after i left, i constantly received comments on my myspace like "i miss you,come back!" slowly, everyone just stopped keeping in contact, weeks passed, and it turned into months. i was heartbroken. at that point,i realized that the people i considered my friends, weren't really there for me; as much as i wanted to be there for them. i feel like i deserve it though, for more reasons than karma. now when i occasionally talk to them, i sense that our friendship,the bond we had, isn't as strong as it used to be. Because were physically apart, it's hard to include each other in our lives, the phone and the computer can't fill that void. Now that they've moved on, i'm still trying to move on. it might be easier for others, but for me, it's too hard to forget someone that made an impact on me. it's too hard to remember all those good times without feeling like i want to cry, because now all i have is memories.

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