Strawberry Fields.

You can probably tell I'm supahh bored but I've realized that I've been constantly listening to the beatles.
& I have most of their songs already memorized.for the past week, I've caught myself singing their songs like; all you need is love,don't let me down, yellow submarine,lucy in the sky with diamonds,& revolution.
who doesn't love songs inspired through drugs?haha ;P
don't judge/hate,but my goal is to try the drugs I haven't taken at least once,excluding meth,heroin,and coke though.
it's 9:32 right now, and I'm suprisingly sleepy.
+ I have to wake up at 7 to get ready since my family & I are going to an airshow tomorrow. sounds fun? possibly, but getting up at 7 am doesn't sound too great.
goodnight bloggers,peace & love. x

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